Office of Student Engagement

CSUSB Graduate holding his diploma

What we model for our students: Excellence

Professor teaching a class.

How we create value for the campus: Retention

CSUSB Mascot during SOAR

How we succeed in leadership development: Collaboration

Cultural Dance Event

What we are known for both on and off campus: Fun

How we succeed in leadership development: Excellence

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Mission Statement

Student Leadership and Development provides an inclusive, intellectual, and social environment by offering co-curricular opportunities that foster student success. We engage students in the development of leadership skills, personal growth, and citizenship to encourage affinity to the university and future success.

Vision Statement

CSUSB's Student Leadership & Development department is the California State University's systemwide leader in quality co-curricular programs that boost retention and graduation rates.

Please contact the Office of Student Engagement at (909) 537-5234 or
Our office is located in the Santos Manuel Student Union, Second Floor, Room 203.

Student Survival Guide

If you're struggling, have questions, or need assistance, the Student Survival Guide is where to go for help!